Lukasz Neubauer (ed.), The Songs of the Spheres (17/5)

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Lewis, Tolkien and the Overlapping Realms of Their Imagination

Walking Tree, 2024. Cormarë Series nr 48. 1st edition. Paperback.*

To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the publication of Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (16 October 1950), the editors of this volume have invited contributions that aim at critically reflecting upon the similarities and, no less importantly, the differences in the two writers' approaches to the works that came to impregnate their vivid imaginations. The thematic axis of the papers is, therefore, Lewis's best-known work of fiction, The Chronicles of Narnia, either as a whole or as a selection of individual volumes and/or episodes set in the World Beyond the Wardrobe, always, however, in connection with Tolkien's own (sub)creative projects. The papers themselves deal with such diverse fields of academic research as literature, theology, philosophy etc.