The Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor was founded in 1981. It publishes a magazine, Lembas, and infrequently a collecton of essays under the title Lembas-extra. The regular mag is in Dutch, but Lembas-extra is in English.

Herdenkingsnummers Lembas

Sirius en Siderius, 1983. 1st edition. Paperback. The commemorate the first anniversary of Lembas, the magazine of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor, this book with the best articles was published. In Dutch. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

Unquendor 5th Lustrum programme booklet

Overview of the programme, guest-of-honour etc of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Dutch Tolkien society, June 2006. Printed wrappers. Illustrated.

René van Rossenberg (ed.), Lembas-extra 1990. Elrond's Holy Round Table

Contains: "The Frameless Picture" by Renée Vink, "On Tolkien and some Rehash" by Arti Ponsen, "The Losing End" by Jerry Nieukoop, "The Image of the Maker" by Renée Vink, "Bilbo Baggins and the Beeb" by René van Rossenberg, "Comerade Frodo and Hobbitania: Tolkien in Russian" by René van Rossenberg. Stapled wrapper.

Lembas-Extra 1985

Stapled wrappers. 1st edition. Illustrated. Edited by Renée Vink and Arti Ponsen. Contains: "Fate and Doom in Tolkien" by Renée Vink, "Het Atlantis-complex" by Arti Ponsen, "Psychology and the study of Middle-earth" by Haiko Krijger, "Het Zuyderland en zijn bewoners" by Ben Koolen and "A Tale of Three Cities - the New Jerusalem in Williams, Lewis and Tolkien" by Arti Ponsen.

Lembas-extra 1986

Stapled wrappers. 1st edition. Illustrated. Edited by Renée Vink and Arti Ponsen. Contains: "Parallels" by Ned Raggett, "Aragorn's early years" by Jan van Breda, "Saurons jacht op de ring" by Ben Koolen, "The Lord of the Rings: a Christian work? - a discussion", "Tolkien and role-playing games" by Anders Blixt and "Hidden Tales" by Arti Ponsen.

Lembas-extra 1991

Contains: "Heroes and Heroism: Tolkien’s Problems, Tolkien’s Solutions" by Tom Shippey, "In a Hole in the Ground: Tolkien and the Emancipation of Fantasy" by Arti Ponsen, "The Last Long Lost Tales" by Ar-Caras (play), "Tolkien and the Problem of Depth" by Tom Shippey, "Unquendor, its Sense and Nonsense" by Jan Bosse, "Aspects of Christ in Gandalf" by Johan Vanhecke. Stapled cover.

Lembas-extra 1992

Stapled wrapper. "An Accidental Masterpiece" by Annemarie van Ewijck, "Toespraak bij de opening van de tentoonstelling Hobbits in Holland" by René van Rossenberg, "The Picture of Boromir in The Lord of the Rings" by Jan van Breda, "The True Myth" by Anja Boerma and "Military Action during the War of the Ring" by Sjoerd van der Weide.

Lembas-extra 1993/1994

Contains: "Noblesse Oblige. Images of class in Tolkien" by Tom Shippey, "Not Without My Hobbit. Tolkien and the Arabs" by Arti Ponsen, "Translation Troubles of an Author" by Renée Vink, "The Centrality of Sex in Middle-earth" by David Llewellyn Dodds. Stapled wrapper.

Lembas-extra 1996

Contains: "Tolkien´s Languages: Aim, Scope and Function" by Jan van Breda, "Who Are You; Master? On the Nature and Identity of Tom Bombadil" by Ron Pirson, "Light from an Invisible Lamp. The Theological Framework of The Lord of the Rings", "J.R.R. Tolkien: Catholic" by Ben Koolen, "The Unprepared War" by Sjoerd van der Weide. Stapled wrapper.

Lembas_extra 1998, Proceedings of Unquendor's Third Lustrum Conference.

May, 1996

Lembas-extra 1998. 5 articles in English on Aragorn as an English king, evil creatures by prof. Marjorie Burns, the Biblical primeval history and The Silmarillion, Rayner Unwin on the genesis of The Lord of the Rings and Chrisina Scull and Wayne Hammond on the making of their book J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator. Stapled wrapper.

Ron Pirson (ed.), 2001: A Tolkien Odyssey

Proceedings of Unquendor's Fourth Lustrum Conference
Contains: "The Shadow of Death in Tolkien" by Michaël Devaux, "2001: A Tolkien Odyssey into Russia" by Mark T. Hooker, "Bridges, Gates, and Doors" by Marjorie Burns, "Amusing beyond Tolkien" by Ben Koolen. Lembas-extra 2001. Plastic cover.

René van Rossenberg (ed.), Lembas-extra 2002

Contains: "Black (not) a colour in Middle-earth" by Christian Weichmann, "Fantasy" - Jo Thomas, "Verbeelding en vakmanschap" van W.J. Maryson en "Fantasy in Nederland" door Henk Looijestein. Stapled wrapper.

Ron Pirson (ed.), Lembas-extra 2004

Seven essays on Tolkien by Tom Shippey ("Indexing and Poetry in The Lord of the Rings"), Alex Lewis ("The Emergence of Mordor and the Abode of Evil in Middle-earth"), Mark Hooker and others: "Tolkien: Philologist and Holist", "The Wise Woman’s Gospel", "A Matter of Form", "Schuchart vs. Mensink-van Warmelo", "Two Rings to Corrupt Them All?". 1st edition. Plastic cover.

Lembas-extra 2008. Proceedings of Unquendor's 5th Lustrum

Tolkien Genootschap, 2008. Five lectures in English given at the Dutch Tolkien Society 25th anniversary celebration in 2006 : "Pictures to accompany a great story" by Tolkien illustrator Cor Blok, "Discussing language history with JRR Tolkien" by Arne Zettersten, "In de Ban van de Ring - Old and new fashions of a translation" by fantasy-translator Renée Vink, "Things to remember when translating Tolkien" by the Norwegian Tolkien translator, Nils Ivar Agoy, "Tolkien and Belgium" by the Flemish Tolkien expert Johan Vanhecke, plus "God in Middle-earth?" by Ron Pirson (the only article in Dutch). Clear plastic cover.

Lembas-extra 2009: Tolkien in Poetry and Song

Published by the Dutch Tolkien Society  with nine articles and poems (all in English). Articles include "Tolkien's Development as a writer of alliterative poetry in modern English" by Tom Shippey, "Mythopoeia and The Garden of Proserpina" by Renée Vink, "Middle-earth Language Training", "Tolkien and Saint Brendan", "Bombadil in Poetry" and "The Song of Dúrin". Bound in clear plastic cover.*

Lembas-extra 2011

Proceedings of the 6fh Unquendor Lustrum

Published by the Dutch Tolkien Society  with twelve articles and poems (all in English). Articles include "The ancestors of the Hobbits, strange creatures in English folklore" by Tom Shippey, "Tolkien versus Wagner" by Renée Vink, "An Unexpected Party" by Alex Lewis, "Music in Middle-earth" by Heidi Steimel, "The right way to speak to dragons" by Christian Weichmann, "Goths and Huns" by Jessica Yates and others. Bound in clear plastic cover.*

Lembas-extra 2012


 *The Snergs and their influence on the Hobbit(s) by Marion Kippers

 *Cyclic cataclysms, Semitic stereotypes and religious reforms: a classicist´s Númenor by Pamina Fernandez Camacho

 *A survey among graves: burial rites in Middle-earth by Frank Wasmus

 *The parentage of Gil-galad – a textual history by Renée Vink

 *The Great War – Sauron against the Elves in the Second Age by Sjoerd van der Weide

 *Fire of Orthanc – Gunpowder in Middle-earth by Arti Ponsen

 *The Bones in the Soup: the Anglo-Saxon Flavour of Tolkien’s The Hobbit by Thijs Porck

 *The Unnatural History of Tolkien’s Orcs by Tyellas

Lembas-exta 2015

Unexplored aspects of Tolkien and Arda

Unquendor, 2015. 2nd edition. Paperback. Collection of nine essays on Tolkien, all in English. Such as "Tolkien and the Boy Scouts", "Black Metal and the Works of Tolkien", "Aspects of the Verdant in Tolkien's Legendarium" and "The bill for Bill the pony".*

The World Tolkien Built. Lembas-extra 2019

Lembas-extra 2019
Edited by Renée Vink. 1st edition. Paperback. Cover by Lúthien Dulk. The proceedings of the conference held at the University of Leiden. Contains 8 lectures (all in English), such as "Reshaping the Germanic Econony of Honour" by Thijs Porck, "The Many Woes of Tolkien's Lovers" by Renée Vink, "Pity and the irrevocable free will of the Dead" by Jan van Breda and "Tolkien's Trolls" by Hamish Williams.*

Midden-aarde in veugelvlucht

Alles over het leven en werk van JRR Tolkien
Unquendor, 2018. Booklet on life and work of Tolkien. Illustrated in colour. Written in Dutch.*