Lembas-extra 2012

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 *The Snergs and their influence on the Hobbit(s) by Marion Kippers

 *Cyclic cataclysms, Semitic stereotypes and religious reforms: a classicist´s Númenor by Pamina Fernandez Camacho

 *A survey among graves: burial rites in Middle-earth by Frank Wasmus

 *The parentage of Gil-galad – a textual history by Renée Vink

 *The Great War – Sauron against the Elves in the Second Age by Sjoerd van der Weide

 *Fire of Orthanc – Gunpowder in Middle-earth by Arti Ponsen

 *The Bones in the Soup: the Anglo-Saxon Flavour of Tolkien’s The Hobbit by Thijs Porck

 *The Unnatural History of Tolkien’s Orcs by Tyellas