Cuff links


Bilbo Baggins cufflinks. NN1490


Noble Collection, 2012. Set of two bronze cuf links in the shape of the buttons on Bilbo Baggins waistcoat. Each 1.4"/2.2 cm. In a decorated giftbox.*

Bag End cuff links

The Hobbit hole door cufflinks are cast in sterling silver.  Each Bag End door measures approximately 25.5 mm (1") top to bottom including bail, 21 mm (just under 7/8") wide and 2.3 mm (1/8") thick.  The cuff links weigh approximately 14.9 grams.  The Bag End Door cufflinks are hand finished with a rich green enamel.  Each door knob is plated with 24k. gold to give it it's distinct "brass" finish.*