Saruman the White on his throne. 1/6 scale

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Weta 3269. 2022. As the head of the Order of the Istari, Saruman the White was tasked with orchestrating the defence of Middle-earth against the resurgence of the Dark Lord Sauron. Two centuries before the War of the Ring the pale Wizard was given the keys to Orthanc, an ancient tower of black stone ringed by a mighty wall at the foot of the Misty Mountains. Within this fortress he made his home, sitting upon a great carven throne.

Product features:

- 1:6 scale

- Made from high-quality polystone

- Depicts the iconic ally-turned-villain Saruman seated upon his blackened throne

- Saruman holds his Palantír containing an illusory Eye of Sauron

- Removeable features include the 2 lamps, Saruman's staff and Saruman himself

- Over one meter tall

- Sculpted by Middle-earth Master Gary Hunt

- Dimensions: 20x44x12"/51 x 110 x 29 cm

- Limited Edition of 703 copies.*