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Papers delivered at the University of St. Thomas Tolkien conference, April 26th, 2001. Bound oversized paperback, containing nine papers: "Tolkien Through Russian Eyes", "The Shire and Notting Hill: Tolkien and Chesterton", "Tolkien’s "Mythopoeia" as a Theology of Conversion", "From Baggins to Beowulf and Back Again: Teaching (via) Tolkien", "Arachnophobia, Gender, and the Transformation of the Hero in the work of Rowling and Tolkien", "Evaluation of the Dichotomy of Tolkien’s View on War", "The Ancestry of Gollum", "The Sins of Middle-earth: Tolkien’s Use of Medieval Allegory", "Ringo and Samwise: Paradigms?" 1st edition/1st impression.*